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Routing Number: 073912552

When looking at a check, the first set of nine numbers is the routing number. The next series of numbers will be your account number and the final set of numbers, is the check number. This number will also match the number in the upper corner of the check. 
In the event you need to report a lost or stolen Shazam card: 

Please call Farmers Savings Bank at 563-856-2525.
If it is after our normal business hours please call Shazam directly at 800-383-8000.

Your card will be marked as "HOT", meaning we will block your account so no further activity will take place.

We will reissue you a new card*

* Regular reissuing fees will apply
Yes. As of July 2020, all four locations are open to serve customers through the drive-up windows. Saturday hours are 8:30am to 11:00am.
If you need to come into the bank to access your lock box, have coin counted, open an account, or other in-lobby service, please make an appointment by calling the location you plan to visit. 

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