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FSB Protects You

How We Protect Your Personal Information 

Below are the top five ways Farmers Savings Bank protects your personal information.

  1. Multi-factor Authentication: Using multiple tools to identify the customer when logging into our site or app adds to your protection
  2. Log In Protection: Accounts are limited to 3 log in attempts; if failed, the customer is required to contact a customer service representative to reset the password.
  3. Password Reset: Passwords do expire. Customers will be prompted to change their passwords periodically. Password reset may be done by the customer online but must be verified through email or reset with a customer service representative.
  4. Online Monitoring: Our employees are dedicated to your safety and the bank's safety. We monitor our online banking program on a regular basis to provide customers with safe and secure online access to all of their FSB accounts.
  5. Continued Education: We are constantly educating ourselves on ways to improve our online security in order to protect your account information.

Farmers Savings Bank's Mobile Banking App DOES NOT save any of your banking transactions or personal information to your mobile device.

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